University of Alberta
DoC's DB
Academic Program Codes

Group Program Code Short Description Long Description
AHAH010 BScAg BSc in Agriculture

AH020 BScFor BSc in Forestry

AH030 BScAgFd BSc in Agric/Food Bus Mngmnt

AH040 BScEnvCon BSc in Enviro Sc

AH045 BScEC/BANS BSc in Env, Con Sc/BA Nat St

AH050 BScNutFd BSc in Nutrition and Food Sc

AH060 BScHEc BSc in Human Ecology

AH070 BScForBuMg BSc in Forest Business Mgmt

AH080 BScHE/BEd BSc in Human Ec/BEducation

AH097 Visiting Visiting Student

AH099 Special St Special Student
ARAR097 Visiting Visiting Student

AR099 Special St Special Student

AR510 BA Bachelor of Arts

AR515 BA Co-op Bachelor of Arts Co-operative

AR520 BA (Crim) BA in Criminology

AR530 BA (Hon) Bachelor of Arts (Honors)

AR535 BAHon Coop BA (Honors) Co-operative

AR540 BDes Bachelor of Design

AR550 BFAArtDes BFA in Art and Design

AR560 BMus Bachelor of Music

AR565 BMus/BEd BMusic/BEducation

AR570 BFA Drama Bachelor of FIne Arts in Drama
AUAU010 Aug BSc Augustana Bachelor of Science

AU510 Aug BA Augustana Bachelor of Arts
BCBC010 BCom Bachelor of Commerce

BC015 BCom Co-op Bachelor of Commerce Co-op

BC020 BCom Bilin Biling BCom/Bacc Admin Biling

BC050 BCom-AD Bachelor of Commerce - AD

BC097 Visiting Visiting Student
EDED099 Special St Special Student

ED510 BEd Elem BEd Elementary

ED515 BEd ElAD BEd Elementary - AD

ED520 BEd Second BEd Secondary

ED525 BEd SecAD BEd Secondary - AD

ED530 BEd Adult BEd Adult Education

ED541 BPE/BEd Se BPE/BEd Secondary Education

ED542 BANS/BEd S BA Nat St/BEd in Secondary Ed

ED543 BMus/BEd BMusic/BEducation

ED544 BSc/BEd BScience/BEducation

ED550 Diploma Ed Diploma-Faculty of Education
ENEN010 BSc Eng BSc in Engineering

EN097 Visiting Visiting Student

EN099 Special St Special Student

EN100 BScChemEng BSc in Chemical Engineering

EN101 BScChEnCp BSc in Chemical Eng-Co-op

EN110 BScChEPC BSc Chem Eng-Process Control

EN111 BScChEPCCp BSc Chem Eng-Proc Contrl Co-op

EN120 BScCivEng BSc in Civil Engineering

EN121 BScCivEnCp BSc in Civil Eng-Co-op

EN130 BScCivEnv BSc in Civil Eng Enviro Eng

EN131 BScCivEvCp BSc Civil Eng-Environ Eng-Coop

EN140 BScCompEng BSc in Computer Engineering

EN141 BScCmpEnCp BSc in Computer Eng-Co-op

EN150 BScElecEng BSc in Electrical Engineering

EN151 BScEEnCp BSc in Electircal Eng-Co-op

EN160 BScEngPhy BSc in Engineering Physics

EN170 BScMatEng BSc in Materials Engineering

EN171 BScMatEnCp BSc in Materials Eng Co-op

EN180 BScMecEng BSc in Mechanical Engineering

EN181 BScMecEnCp BSc in Mechanical Eng-Co-op

EN190 BScMinEng BSc in Mining Engineering

EN191 BScMinEnCp BSc in Mining Eng Co-op

EN200 BScPetEng BSc in Petroleum Engineering

EN201 BScPetEnCp BSc in Petroleum Eng Co-op

EN240 BScCES BSc Cmptr Eng - Software

EN241 ScCESCp BSc Cmptr Eng - Software Co-op
GSGS097 VisitSt(C) Visiting Graduate Student

GS098 Probat(C) Probationary Grad Stdnt (Crse)

GS099 Spec St(C) Special Graduate Student

GS100 Probat(T) Probationary Grad Stdnt (Thes)

GS200 Qual St(C) Qualifying Graduate Student

GS510 MAg(C) Master of Agriculture (Crse)

GS512 MA(C) Master of Arts (Crse)

GS513 MA(T) Master of Arts (Thes)

GS514 MBA(C) MBA (Crse)

GS518 MEd(C) Master of Education (Crse)

GS519 MEd(T) Master of Education (Thes)

GS520 MEng(C) Master of Engineering (Crse)

GS522 MFA(T) Master of FIne Arts (Thes)

GS540 MSc(C) Master of Science (Crse)

GS541 MSc(T) Master of Science (Thes)

GS554 PrvPhD(T) Doctor of Philosophy Prov Cand

GS555 PhD(T) Doctor of Philosophy Candidate


GS570 PG Dipl(C) Postgraduate Diploma

LALA010 LLB Bachelor of Laws
MHMH520 BScMdLbSc BSc Medical Lab Science

MH560 DipDentHyg Diploma in Dental Hygiene

MH570 BSc(DentH) BSc (Dental Hygiene)
NSNS010 BANatStud BA in Native Studies

NS030 BANSt/BEd BA Native Studies/BEducation

NS035 BANS/BEd E BA Nat St/BEd in Elementary Ed

NS045 BScEC/BANS BSc in Env Sc/BA Nat St

NS097 Visiting Visiting

NS099 Special St Speical Student
NUNU510 BSCNursing BSc in Nursing

NU515 BScNuPstRN BSc in Nursing-Post RN

NU530 BScNurs AD BSc in Nursing - AD
OSOS010 Open Stud Open Studies

OS020 OS FrSt Open Studies, Fresh Start

OS030 OS-TYP Open Studies - Trans Year Prog
PEPE020 BPE Bachelor of Physical Education

PE030 BA RLS BA in Rec and Leisure Studies

PE040 BPE/BEdEl BPE/BEd Elementary Route

PE041 BPE/BEdSc BPE/BEd Secondary Route

PE050 BSc (Kin) BSc in Kinesiology

PE060 BA RST BA in Rec, Sport and Tourism

PE099 Special St Special Student
PHPH510 BSc Pharm BSc in Pharmacy
RMRM010 BScOccTh BSc in occupational Therapy
SASA099 Special St Special Student

SA510 BA Gen Baccalaureat-es-Arts

SA520 BEd Elem BEd Elementaire

SA530 BEd Second BEd Secondaire

SA541 BEd/BScSec BEd/BSc Secondaire

SA560 BSc Gen Baccalaureat-es-Sciences

SA565 BComBiling Biling B Com/Bacc Admin Biling
SCSC010 BSc Gen BSc General

SC011 BSc/BusMin BSc - Business Minor

SC020 BSc Spec BSc with Specialization

SC030 BSc Hon BSc Honors

SC040 Dipl Sci Diploma in Science

SC050 Hon Cert Honors Certificate

SC060 SpCertSci Special Certificate in Science

SC070 BSc/BEd BScience/BEducation

SC096 Auditor Auditor

SC097 Visiting Visiting Student

SC098 Probation Probationary Student

SC099 Special St Special Student